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Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Go local...


We love our village...!

...picture dirt roads in between green grass and trees, small houses along one tarmac road and the smell of wood fires. The dirt roads lead to long-stretched sandy beaches with crystal clear water and beautiful sunsets. In the village cows and goats are walking around, dogs are barking and people laugh and greet strangers as a possible new friend.



Our life here is simple and moves with the flow. We have a little community with a mix of people (Tanzanian, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch to name a few) who run different organisations in the village. Some days we have our drum & dance class and share a dinner after, some other days we plant trees, share our lunch and take a hike to the nearby beach.

Beach Fire

Our beaches are quiet - there are no resorts or bars or even chairs to sit on. But they are beautiful as we watch the sun go down, take a swim, hang out, make music or meditate and do some yoga. Sometimes we make a big fire in the evening with traditional African drum, dance, food and drinks. It is our little paradise...!

And this is what we want to share with you! With as extra bonus that you support some beautiful initiatives by joining our tours.


Several itineraries are possible in Gezaulole. Check our day programs below and see which ones interest you. If you would like to spend more than one day we can arrange an overnight at a local camping at the beach, or at the home of one of our local friends. The good thing is that if you book more than one of the packages below, we give you a discount! More information about overnights you can find here.

  1. For the music lovers!

In this tour, we will first take you to Arts&Culture ecovillage of ZionZuri. At this home of a Portugues/ Tanzanian rasta family you will join a drum & dance class organized by the professional 'ngoma' group Shine Africa.


After arrival, the team of ZionZuri will first brief you about the ecovillage and their workshops. They support local artists by offering them a place to make and sell their crafts. Besides that they grow their own food in their organic garden. They have their own vegetarian restaurant nearby, but today they will prepare your fresh, organic lunch buffet right here at the ecovillage.


The drum&dance class will teach you the basics of traditional Tanzanian drum&dance. This is an artform that is slowly dissapearing, and that Shine Africa is aiming to preserve for future generations. The professional and passionate dancers and drummers of Shine Africa are sure to make you enthusiastic!

After the class and the lunch, we will take you on a short tour around Gezaulole and end our day at our favourite beach: Kim Beach. Be prepared for the most amazing sunset!

Tour details

  • Full day tour

  • Included: drum&dance class, (vegetarian) lunch, drinks & snacks, small tour.

  • NGO's visited: ZionZuri Ecovillage, Shine Africa

  • Price: 70 USD per person.


2. Batik magic!

Always wanted to learn to make batik? Now is your chance! In this tour, we will take you to the centre of PA1, a local NGO that helps young women. Knowing how to make batik and sewing clothes and bags is one of the ways to improve their lives. During the batik workshop you can choose your stamp or tie your fabric, after which you choose the colour you want to dye it in. The result is always a beautiful surprise! And if you want, the ladies of the centre can turn your batik into a beautiful skirt or bag straight away. 


After finishing your batik, we will take a walk through Geza and share the stories and culture of the people with you. We will end up at Kim Beach, where you can take a refreshing dive into the Indian Ocean and watch as the sun goes down.

Tour details


  • Full day tour

  • Included: bike/ walking tour, lunch, drinks & snacks, batik materials

  • NGO's visited: PA1

  • Price: 70 USD






3. The original taste!

On this day you will learn how to cook like a local! Tanzanians usually cook on firewood or charcoal. They cook on the ground outside, and many times slaughter their own chickens and eat fish straight from the ocean. Traditional meals often include coconut milk and some form of leafy veggies and local beans. Most tribes don't have a lot of meat on their daily menu. 

Wood fire

You will cook a local dish on a beautiful spot that we call the 'shamba'. Your host will teach you how to cut your veggies without a cutting board, how to grate coconut and how to make yourself a wood fire. You will work together to make the most delicious lunch ever! Your host is part of the NGO NHST, so while cooking you will learn about environmental issues the people in Geza are facing.

After lunch, we will go on a bike tour around Gezaulole. We will pass by the primary school and our local NGO PA1. After two to three hours, we end the tour at Bamba Beach, where you can take a nice refreshing dive into the Indian Ocean and watch the sun go down.

Tour details

  • Full day tour

  • Included: selfmade lunch (choose vegetarian or fresh fish), bike tour, visit to PA1.

  • NGO's visited: PA1, NHST

  • Price: 70 USD

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