Frequently asked questions

Can I do more than one tour per day?


It depends on which tours you want to do, but it is possible to for example do a history tour and night tour at the same day. Please tell us your wishes, and we will tell you if the desired combination is possible in time and planning.


That being said, keep in mind that you will get a lot of impressions and maybe want some space between tours to digest all the information.

Is it safe to travel in Tanzania?


Yes! Luckily Tanzania is a peaceful country and it has been for the last 60 years.


But it is also a developing country, which means pickpockets are around. And that’s where we come in! Our guides grew up in Dar Es Salaam, know the ins and outs of the town and its people, and they know what to look out for. We always help our clients to be aware of any possible risk and teach them for example how to carry their bags and where to walk. With a few simple precautions there is basically nothing to worry about!


What shall I wear on a tour in Dar Es Salaam?


We usually advise to wear what you feel comfortable in, depending on the temperature of that day. Dar Es Salaam can be hot and humid, so sunglasses, lotion and maybe a hat are advised. Local people also appreciate a bit more conservative clothing, which means shirts with short sleeves and knee length shorts or skirts. This is not a must however!


If you are doing a walking/ hiking tour make sure to wear strong, comfortable sandals or shoes. High heels are not recommended.


The night tour

In the night the dress code is slightly different – meaning local people like to dress up! Don’t be surprised to see short dresses and high heels, tight jeans and fancy shirts and shoes. But our advice remains: wear what you feel comfortable in!

Am I obligated to buy on the markets?


No, it’s totally fine just to browse. People will try to convince you to buy, but that’s just a game they play. Nobody will be offended if you don’t buy. If by any chance people get too pushy, our guides will be there to help you. Of course, if you do want to buy something, they will also help you to bargain for a good price!


Do I need a helmet on a bike tour?


No. The bike tour takes you to a relatively quiet neighbourhood south of city center of Dar Es Salaam. We mainly take you over bumpy dirt roads, but it never gets really rough. We ride to enjoy, with multiple stops, so it’s never physically challenging. If you really prefer to have a helmet, just let us know and we will arrange one for you!


How do I book a tour with Kizito Tours?

City tours, Uluguru mountain hike and/ or safari

Go to Prices & Bookings on our website. Fill in the form ‘Request your booking’ and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If you request to book a Market tour or Go Local Go Geza tour, please be sure to specify your wishes. Booking only takes place after confirmation via email!


Online tours

Go to the page of our Online tours on our website. Pick the tour of your choice and go to ‘Book Now’. Choose the date of your liking and pay. After paying you will receive a confirmation email with instructions for the tour.


How do I pay the city-tour?


Tours in Dar Es Salaam

When booking we will give you the option to pay the tour online. If this online payment method is not possible for you, you can pay in cash at the start of the tour. We prefer USD for that.


Uluguru mountain hike, safari and group tours of more than 10 people

We will ask you to pay the tour in advance via online payments methods you can find on our website or in a booking email we send you. For these tours we do not accept cash.


Online tours

The online tours you can pay while booking, via online payment methods on our website.


Can I cancel a booking?


Dar Es Salaam

We allow cancelations of bookings up to one week (7 days) in advance for all tours that take place in Dar Es Salaam. This means you will get a full refund. If you cancel less than a week before, there is no refund.


Uluguru mountain hike and safari

We need to make preparations for these trips, so we allow cancelations only up to two weeks (14 days) in advance. This will get you a full refund. If you cancel up to one week in advance, we give you a 40% refund. Any time after that there is no refund at all.


What can I expect on an online tour?


Imagine the online tour like a class - you are joining Kizito together with a group of other people via Google Meet. Kizito will be the host of the tour. He will guide you through Dar Es Salaam for half an hour and explain about the rich history of the city, the markets or the Tinga Tinga paintings (depending on the tour of your choice!). After the tour you can ask questions and have a brief chat with Kizito.


As mentioned, we use Google Meet for our online tours. Google Meet does not require an email adress or login. You only need to give yourself a name before entering the meeting room. From there, we take over and provide you with a glimpse of the pulsating life in Dar Es Salaam. You need either a smartphone, tablet or computer with internet access and loudspeakers/ headphones. We will provide you with the link to join our tour and then you are good to go.


Private online tour

If you prefer a private online tour for you and your loved ones, please send us a request via e-mail. We will be happy to discuss the options with you!

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