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Kivukoni Front, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania



Discover the fascinating history of Dar

The old city center of Dar offers a deep insight into the rich history of Tanzania. Did you for example know that the independence movement of East-Africa started right here in the New Africa hotel? The African leaders of the time used to meet at the rooftop terrace to discuss the future of the continent. More recently Barack Obama enjoyed the view from the nearby Kilimanjaro/ Hyatt Regency hotel on his Africa Tour.


While walking through the side streets and main roads with us, you will experience the vibrant but peaceful city and its inhabitants. You will find out how the architecture here evolved over time and much more! This tour is the perfect way to familiarize yourself with Dar Es Salaam and Tanzania.


Tour details


  • Duration: 3 hours

  • Start: Kivukoni fish market main entrance. Or from your hotel.

  • Group size: 1 - 4 people, larger groups on request

  • Price: 30 USD per person (40 USD per person with hotel pick-up).

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