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Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Your home


Can't get enough of Geza...?

If you consider staying the night in Gezaulole, Kizito Tours has a few options. Gezaulole offers no fancy hotels or resorts, but you can always go local! Keep in mind that most options are basic. Please check the examples below or contact us for possibilities or prices:


Mama Nuru's place

At mama Nuru's: stay at the home of one our colleagues, widely known as mama Nuru. Originally from Holland mama Nuru has been living in Tanzania for eight years with her daughter Nuru. Their house has a spare room for your convenience, with bathroom, shower and kitchen shared. Their garden is huge and full of trees. Being an animal lover is a pro, since they have a dog and several cats walking around. Price pppn: 15 USD (2 pax maximum)



Beach camping

The adventurous ones can also choose to go camping...! Kizito Tours has tents, that we can set up for you at either Kim Beach, Bamba Beach or at our so called Shamba. We will take care of the security, and food and non alcoholic drinks are provided. Toilets and shower are basic and shared. Price pppn: 15 USD

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