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Old Boma, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

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Discover Tanzania

like never before!

Most people visit Tanzania to spot lions in Serengeti, climb the Kilimanjaro or relax on Zanzibar. And of course these are beautiful places to visit! But if you still have time after that, we invite you to come and explore our country with us!

Because with all those magnificent parks and places mentioned above you would almost forget that the rest of our beautiful country is just as special. And that the people and their culture are just as fascinating as all the wildlife. With over 100 different ethnic tribes, Tanzania has a fascinating history and culture. And in Dar Es Salaam, all these cultures have come together to create a unique mix.

Dar Es Salaam

City lovers will feel at home instantly in Dar Es Salaam. Let us take you to the busy markets, into the nightlife or tell you all about the history in our city tours. Are you more into the people and their cultures? Then please sign up for our beautiful Go local... Go Geza! project, where you will submerge yourself in the local life and support some good causes on the go. And for those who feel Kili is one step too far, we offer amazing hikes in the beautiful Uluguru Mountains.


In short, we invite you to come and discover Tanzania like never before!

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