You'd like to discover Dar Es Salaam like never before?


I do know places off the beaten track. And I love to share with you not only my view of Dar Es Salaam but also unique experiences. Together, we can explore Dar Es Salaam and its magic. 


We offer tailor-made tours in Dar

You know it: there are many tour-operators offering city-tours. But there are few Tourguides, just coming with you and show you the other view on Dar Es Salaam.


Well, the good thing is: I am doing exactly this. I come with you to explore the city. I can guide you, if you want. I can bring you in contact with the people and their stories, if you want. I develop together with you your unique tour through Dar Es Salaam.


And the best thing: Even if you don't want to run from one to the next highlight, we can just hit the road and see, where curiosity is guiding us.



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But there is even more...

For convenience, we do also offer some pretty fix tours. One is bringing you to the city-centre, the other one to the markets of Dar Es Salaam and the peoples living here...


 The old city-center of Dar es Salaam offers a deep insight into the rich history of Tanzania. While walking through the

side-streets and the main-roads, you have time to experience the vibrant but peaceful city and its citizen.


And you can explore, how architecture evolved over time. It is the perfect start to familiarize with Dar es Salaam and Tanzania.



Duration: 3 hrs

Start: Kivukoni Fishmarket, main entrance, or in your hotel.

Group Size: 1-4 Persons, larger groups on request.

Price: 30 USD per Person



Dar Es Salaam has different markets. The Fish-Market, Kariakoo and Ilala are just three of them, yet they are probably the busiest places in Dar Es Salaam. And we will take our time to explore all!



Duration: 5 - 7 hrs

Start: Kivukoni Fishmarket, main entrance, or in your hotel.

Group Size: 1-4 Persons, larger groups on request. 

Pricing: 60 USD per Person, food (lunch) and drinks included.


This is our latest offer - especially for those who like to see more in less time. It is pretty easy: You take a bike, and together with Kizito you will explore hidden places beyond Dar Es Salaam - like never before, of course!



Duration: approx. 4 hrs

Start: Kivukoni Fish Market or in your hotel. Due to the weather-conditions, I recommend to do the tour in the morning.

Group Size: 1-4 Persons, larger groups on request.

Pricing: 60 USD/Person, food (breakfast, snack) and drinks included.