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    Jenny Smith (Saturday, 01 February 2020 22:40)

    We had the good fortune, at short notice, in connecting with Kizito prior to an unscheduled change in our cruise itinerary from Mombasa to the Port of Dar Es Salaam in January. His company came with great ratings from my research. The communications with Kizito were brilliant, he addressed all my questions promptly. On arrival at our meeting point Fedinand our driver and car were waiting for us. Though Kizito wasn’t our guide on the day he was onsite and we were able to meet. Fedinand’s extensive knowledge of the history of Dar Es Salaam gave us the perspective we were looking for. We discussed we were looking for ‘local’ experience and that is what we got 110%. We were so pleased with the day because, as foreign travelers, we felt comfortable, at ease in and around our extensive tour and, most importantly, safe. Beside seeing the main tourist and cultural attractions more importantly he helped us interact with and enjoy our time with the locals where our cultural, and sometime language barriers, were crossed respectfully with ease and enjoyment, we even learnt some Swahili. Our brief time in Dar Es Salaam was fantastic and we now have beautiful memories our very positive time with Fedinand forever. Ahsante Fedinand and Kizito!

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    Marion (Wednesday, 11 December 2019 01:08)

    We absolutely enjoyed the Dar es Salaam City Tour. It waa perfect for us, as we wanted to know more about the city but also about the local culture and that was all perfectly combined in the tour. Kizito has a lot of knowledge and a great attitude. Highly recommended when you want to make the most out of your stay ij Dar Es Salaam.

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    Issy (Sunday, 13 October 2019 07:51)

    This tour, from guide January, absolutely made our stay in Dar Es Salaam. He knew everything about everything, took us to places we never would have discovered on our own, went over and above what was expected in terms of pickups and dropoffs. January was fantastic and we would highly recommend Kizito Tours to anyone in Dar Es Salaam. I don't know how you would explore the city without a tour like this.

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    Marlisa Gasser Italia (Monday, 17 June 2019 16:46)

    Ho conosciuto Kizito, la mia guida a Dar es Salaam durante la City Tour. É stata un esperienza molto positiva. Era ovvio, volendo visitare il Mikumi Safari Nationalpark e le montagne di Marogoro rivolgersi a lui. La nostra guida durante questa escursione era Peppino, altra persona deliziosa, molto paziente e attenta, oltre che cuoco eccellente. Dopo il Safari Tour con altre due persone, Peppino é rimasto la mia “guida personale” nei monti di Morogoro. Abbiamo iniziato il nostro itinerario in sella a una moto che ci ha portati in un villaggio per poi proseguire a piedi fino alla casa di Saloum dove abbiamo pernottato nelle nostre tende per due notti. Peppino non solo era la mia guida, ma anche il mio cuoco e dopo due giorni di Safari, in pratica, come un amico. I due giorni nei monti di Uluguro sono stati un esperienza molto positiva, per l’ ottima organizzazione del tour, ma soprattutto per l’ atmosfera amichevole che Peppino da subito é riuscito a creare. Sceglierei senza esitare nuovamente Kizito Tours, sicura di essere “ ben guidata” con professionalità ma anche con allegria e gioia. Proprio bravi questi ragazzi!

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    Carole (Sunday, 05 May 2019 12:40)

    I went back to Tanzania for the third time and I couldn't miss a new tour in Dar with Kizito-tours. I did a beautiful bike tour in Kigamboni and discovered beautiful people, food and beaches! As usual the company is doing a great job! You can trust them and have a beautiful experience!
    Carole from Switzerland

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    Ken & Abby K (Wednesday, 23 January 2019 12:47)

    Last August my 15 YO daughter and I connected up with a guide (Ferdinand I think) for a day tour. One of the best decisions we made on our trip to Dar. Good information all along the way, with lots of things to see, including a few things that it would have been pretty hard for us to do on our own. Good history and social information ranging from the architecture, Dar's history, Tanzania's place in Pan Africanism, and cultural aspects of where we were going. While the fish market is hard to beat with its piles of small fish, fresh sharks, and stingwrays, just walking around in other parts of the city was an insightful look into Dar. If you go to Dar and only go on safari you are missing 95% of what makes the place a great place to visit.

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    Heather L (Wednesday, 26 September 2018)

    Kizito and Ferdinand truly made Dar es Salaam an unforgettable pleasant experience. Our group of four spent the day with them walking and traveling in tuk tuks around the city. Our tour was custom-made for us and - the best, most unique part - even on the tour, Kizito stayed flexible, ready to adjust to our comfort and desires.
    Before arriving, he was welcoming and responsive on WhatsApp. They were both early to our meeting place and patient with us (as we arrived a few minutes late).
    We toured the fish market, the colonial streets and structures of Dar, three other markets, the Indian and Muslim areas of the city, and Coco Beach. It was hard to believe that we had the entire experience AND all food and refreshments for the price we paid; I easily would have happily paid twice that and still felt like we got our money's worth.
    He also went above and beyond for me specifically. I did not find what I was looking for at the Tinga Tinga art market, but couldn't stop thinking about a specific kind of painting that I saw. While I was in Safari, I WhatsApp'd him and asked him to see if he could find an artist to paint it onto a mug for me. He had it done and met me at my hotel after we returned from Safari. The art was perfect, his service was way above what you could expect from any tour guide; he really did send me home with fond memories of Dar.
    Needless to say, I'll be recommending Kizito-Tours to everyone.

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    Ileana (Thursday, 23 August 2018 17:38)

    From the very first moment i saw this guy with this big smile at the airport, waiting for me, i felt like at home. I really can say that Kizito is one of the best tour guides i experienced in my travels around the world. So professional and in the same time a good friend from the first moment. Always ready to help you if you are in need and to share positive feelings and positive moments with you. I'm really convinced that my first impact with Dar Es Salaam wouldn't have been the same without this kind guy. His vitality and his big knowledge of the city..of the places..of the details..of the people..of the history of this city and of Tanzania make you like to stay there and know more and more about all these places and this people. I loved to catch all kind of means of transport in the city..and to go to places where no tourist was. That's what i wanted! That's Kizito.. he can make the tour as you like it..also having a big ability to understand persons and to listen to them. I also appreciated so much that with him in all markets we visited i never felt forced to buy, like sometimes happened to me with other tour guides.
    Also Bagamoyo was a very nice tour (and by the way thanks for your patiance with me in the art market!:-) ). Forza Kizito! Go ahead! I really hope to come again and visit other places with you in your way.

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    Martin and family (Thursday, 09 August 2018 13:37)

    The 6 1/2 hour tour in August 2018 was definitely worth it. Kizito and his fellow guide picked us up at our hotel in the center and we walked along the Kivukoni Rd towards the fishmarket. Later we visited the National Museum, had a good local lunch and proceeded to the Kariakoo- and further to the Ilala-Secondhand-Market, before we returned to our hotel. So many impressions in this vibrant city we could never have received by our own. We felt really safe, even in the narrow streets of the markets and in the dense crowds of people. The story's of people/history/trade... and the discussions about society/economy/politics... enriched the tour very much. Thanks a lot for this interesting view in your town.

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    Giovanna and Scott (Thursday, 02 August 2018 11:14)

    We did the Dar Es Salaam tour in June 2018. We were very grateful to Kizito for accommodating us and doing the tour by car (we had grandparents with us).
    We loved meeting our guide, Fedinandi, and driver, Manswetus, who were knowledgeable, funny, and kind. We enjoyed learning about the history of Dar, visiting the National Museum, the markets, the local food. We are very grateful to Kizito Tours for giving us the opportunity to know more about how Tanzanians really live. We were sorry to only be able to take this tour, and wished we had more time to do the biking, hiking, or Swahili neighborhood tours.

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    Gerry (Thursday, 14 June 2018 23:38)

    Kizito showed us the fish market and told us a lot of interesting details. Later on we visited the art market where the artists were making beautiful paintings. We were very impressed and strongly recommend Kizito Tours if you want to get an insight in Dar es Salaam.

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    Ann, England (Saturday, 24 March 2018 11:28)

    Kizito is very knowledgeable and offered lots of great information about the city and the surrounding areas and its development, he also took great care in ensuring I was enjoying the tour and had everything I needed. I was able to see the city in a way I wouldn’t be able to do on my own. Great insight into Dar and I very much recommend Kizito tours.

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    Martina from Germany (Sunday, 04 March 2018 07:14)

    I did the market Tour with Kizito in February 2018. It was a real pleasure and funny to browse with him through the narrow market streets. He gives detailed information about the development and history of Dar Es Salaam and knows every corner. I really appreciated the tour and recommend it.

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    Roy (Thursday, 22 February 2018 09:46)

    This is a great way to get to know the city. And believe me, there’s something to see. Didn’t know what to expect but Kizito showed some great parts of the historic city: Indian neighborhood, fish market and a well deserved beer at the end ;) Kizito is a friendly, enthusiastic and well informed guide who knows a lot about the history and sweet spots of Dar Es salaam. Go if you have the chance!

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    Jeroen (Monday, 19 February 2018 10:21)

    Recommended! Kizito is a young, enthusiastic and knowledgeble guide that will show you the different sides of the city the way you want it. Culture, history, food, drink or a night out; he will take you there or tell you where to go even outside of the set excursions. Dar would not have been the same without you, Kizito - thank you!

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    Michael (Wednesday, 31 January 2018 04:23)

    The tour around Dar Es Salaam was fantastic! Kizito knows much about the history of the city and we learned a lot. He also gave us recommendations for places to go when the tour was over. Kizito Tours is a must do when visiting.

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    Enrique (Sunday, 28 January 2018 10:19)

    Yea the tours was unexpectedly, here you have a mix of African Indian and Musulman cultures, it’s awesome see the true life of this city, Kizito is really friendly and his friends, don’t miss the opportunity to take some beers in a local house.

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    Melanie (Saturday, 25 November 2017 14:40)

    I spent a great day with Kizito. I wanted to have a mix out of culture and market tour and Kizito made it fit to my demands. He speaks english very well and knows a lot about the city, its history and its citizens. He showed me amazing places off the tourist paths and gave me an insider view of the city and its inhabitants. We had a lot of fun together and I always felt secure with him by my side.
    Thanks a lot Kizito!

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    Roger (Saturday, 14 October 2017)

    Kizito is a fantastic guide. He is good-humored, warm and happy to share this knowledge about Dar es Salaam. He undoubtedly knows the city very well and can take you to places you wouldn't have found on your own. He is also a great socializer connecting me with many local people. Sometimes, it felt as if he knew half of the people living here.
    I also appreciated that he has no fixed program, but can adjust the tour according to your wishes. The best thing I could do after arriving in Dar es Salaam was to go on a tour with Kizito. I felt instantly at home like this. Thanks, kaka!

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    Sara and Wolfi (Monday, 11 September 2017 05:12)

    We made a great tour with Kizito. We chose the market tour and it was very exciting. Also Kizito told us a lot of Dars history and the residents. We spent many nice evenings with Kizito, he is a warmly and a pleasant young man.
    We can just recommend Kizitos tours!

    Best wishes

    Sara and Wolfi from Germany

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    Angela Vucko (Saturday, 29 July 2017 12:27)

    Kizito is the perfect guide, knowing nearly everything about Dar, the city with a lot of different flavours between beauty and poverty, beach life and noisy and overcrouded markets. His tours are based on a good historical knowledge and a vibrant network of people supporting his tours. Smart, very friendly and attentive, his tour is a Must Do. Highly recommended!

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    René M. Micallef (Thursday, 13 July 2017 14:07)

    Enjoyed a great walking tour of the Fish Market, Colonial Buildings and Indian quarter of Dar. Kisito presents his town with great passion, in a fluent English and with rich detail, adapting to your interests, not parrot-fashion. We had lively conversations on architecture, culture and history. Recommended to whoever wants to explore the city beyond the few tourist hotspots.

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    calo (Thursday, 29 June 2017 12:35)

    He pasado cuadro días estupendos con Kizito, recorriendo las calles de Dar el Salaam, las playas de Kigamboni , y los diferentes sitios que quería visitar , no es un guía al uso con visita cerrada y pautada si no que te deja completa liberta para poder elegir los lugares de tu interés, ademas es un gran conocedor de la historia de su país y un gran divulgador , visitar con él la ciudad y el viaje en autobús hasta Bagamoyo ha sido estupendo. Para mi ha sido un diez, Si buscas guía no lo dudes , con Kizito no solo tendrás un guía sino también un amigo.
    Gracias por hacer tan bien tu trabajo

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    Clara (Thursday, 01 June 2017 14:55)

    Kizito was the first person to really introduce me to 'Dar'. I explored the markets with him, also accompanied by stories of the city's history. I enjoyed the private tour and Kizito always made sure that I was comfortable and glad. He also followed me home to ensure my safety. All in all, I experienced a great day in good hands. Asante sana!
    Hope to see you sometime in Denmark!

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    Carole (Monday, 15 May 2017 09:59)

    I discovered Tanzania and Dar Es Salaam because of Kizito!
    We visited Kariakoo, Kigamboni, South beach, Tandale, Bagamoyo, Morogoro and so many places together! I discovered the welcoming tanzanian people and their culture. I met beautiful people!
    Kizito knows very well his city and his country. Just ask and he will answer! He has so many good ideas! He always ensures you are comfortable and safe.

    I recommend warmly Kizito tours. Kizito tours is distinguished in the proximity tourism, off the path!
    For sure, you will be satisfied!

    Carole, from Switzerland

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    Mama Ellis, Nora & Britta (Monday, 13 March 2017 08:37)

    Thank you for this exciting experience. We felt safe all the time and learnt a lot about your interesting country. A special thank for helping us to get some small things, before we went on safari. Always take good care of yourself and all the best for your future.
    The German girl family.

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    Christoph (Sunday, 19 February 2017 12:01)

    Dear Kizito,
    Thanks a lot for this wonderful tour! The City-Tour is a must for those who like to understand Dar Es Salaam a little bit deeper; Introduction into how the fish market works is one of the highlights.

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    Maisha (Tuesday, 31 January 2017 09:17)

    Kizito was one of my best and most favorite local experts ever! As a solo traveler he helped me create a custom itinerary - not the copy and paste that others provided. Everything I wanted to do in Dar, he made happen! Before arriving our whatsapp communication was great - he remained extremely responsive and had great suggestions for my itinerary. In addition to in-depth tour of the fish market and Ilala, we also did a challenging bike tour through the beautiful hillside, I got to meet many of his friends (popular guy), and I learned how to make delicious traditional African dishes from a beautiful and kind family. I really felt welcomed and got an insider's view into DSM...

    My time with him was truly the highlight of my Tanzania trip - even compared to the Zanzibar beaches. I love R&R but Kizito provided the best kind of immersion experience possible for a two-day trip. Needless to say I'll be recommending him to everyone.

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    Gina (Tuesday, 27 December 2016 13:37)

    Thank you Kizito!
    In your company I felt really save and comfortable even in busiest roads.
    Your knowledge about Dar es Salam, it's history and it's current situation is impressive. Thank you for sharing!

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    Hans (Friday, 09 December 2016 23:52)

    Great host, with a great sense of humor. very passionate about Dar Es Salaam and its History. And he offers a fascinating view behind the scenes of the thousands of businessmen. I liked it very much.
    Thank you!

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