Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Our organisations

ZionZuri Ecovillage


This beautiful rasta place is run by a Portuguese/ Tanzanian couple who just love their organic food and African art (paintings, sculptures, jewelry, clothes and bags). A visit to their home is always special and allows you to experience the African life. Make sure you also taste their food!




NHST is an environmental organization whose main aim is to increase the number of trees in our area and keep the beaches clean. Many trees have been cut in recent years due to economic development and NHST tries to promote a balance between development and environment. So far they have planted over 7000 trees!




PA1 (= pamoja = swahili for together) is a small organization that helps young women find a way out of poverty and oppression. With sewing lessons, batik making and English classes they help women to help themselves. They work with volunteers and also welcome people for a day of batik making!


Shine Africa


Shine Africa has a community art center where they teach local kids and others the art of traditional drum and dance. Their ultimate goal is to also help ex-drugusers and other vulnerable groups find a new goal in life through art and community work. Volunteers are also welcome as well as people who want to learn to drum or dance.




WEEDO offers sewing lessons, English classes and computer lessons to young, uneducated women. Through their numerous volunteers they allow the women to expand their knowledge on various subjects like health, environment and family planning. They are always happy with visitors and their center is definitely worth a visit.  

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