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Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

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Planning a trip to Dar Es Salaam?

For people who are interested in a trip to Tanzania but are still a bit unsure on what to expect, we created our online tours. Think of them as your digital Travel Guide - an easy way to discover the city, while still being at home. Our online tours offer you the chance to ask questions about the city or the country - and who better to ask than someone like Kizito, who grew up here and speaks (almost) perfect English!

We offer online tours in groups, on fixed dates. Feel the vibe of our beautiful, weird, chaotic city through your phone and we are sure you will plan that trip to Tanzania...! 

'A very nice tour - it was like having a little bit of Tanzania in our own home!'


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Go local Go Geza - online!

Get a preview to our new Go Local Go Geza tours and join us on this online introduction! We will take you to the beautiful arts and culture ecovillage of Zionzuri, show you what our local life looks like and introduce you to some local artists and enthusiastic kids. Friday is the day Shine Africa has their regular drum & dance class here and we will be sure to take you there. Be prepared to be welcomed warmly and to catch some of the good vibes!

  • When: every Friday

  • Time: 17:30h EAT

  • Duration: 30 minutes

  • Price: 12 USD per person

Online African dance class

Learn how to dance like an African with this online dance class we organise together with Shine Africa. The people of Shine Africa are professional dancers and drummers who usually combine traditional dances from different Tanzanian tribes. They perform regurlarly but also organise classes in our local community. A chance to dance with them cannot be missed!

  • When: every Saturday

  • Time: 10:00h EAT

  • Duration: 1 hour

  • Price: 27 USD per person

Tinga Tinga Market

Submerge yourself in the colourful surrealistic world of Tinga Tinga, filled with lions, giraffes, zebra's, people, trees and flowers. Walk with us, while we show you the best artists while they're making their newest creation. They will tell you the story behind their work, and show you their techniques. Tinga Tinga is the most popular style of painting in Tanzania, and even has its own cartoon for kids on national television. We are sure you will love it too!

  • When: every Saturday.

  • Time: 16:00h EAT

  • Duration: 30 minutes

  • Price: 12 USD per person

City Center

Get a preview to our famous History Tour by joining us on this online tour through the city center of Dar. Widely known as Posta, this is the area of the city where you find the presidential residence, the famous Kivukoni Fishmarketand the Indian neighbourhood. In our online tour you will mainly see the Indian neighbourhood with its historical buildings, busy streetlife and temples. Many Tanzanians from Indian descent live here, which creates a beautiful African/ Asian mix. 


  • When: every Sunday

  • Time: 17:30h EAT

  • Duration: 30 minutes

  • Price: 12 USD per person

Important: The times mentioned above are East African Time (EAT). Please check the correct time for your side of the world here.

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