Who are we?

We are the explorers, the adventurers, the ones who want to create beautiful memories with you...! Join us and let us help you discover the hidden sides of Tanzania - next time it can be you in this picture above! 


Hi! I am Kizito.


I am the owner of Kizito Tours and your tour guide!


I was born and raised in Dar Es Salaam, and I love the diversity of Dar. From the vibrant spots in Kariakoo to the very quiet places at the beach. But of course there is more to Tanzania than just Dar Es Salaam. I also love to explore the countryside and go on hikes in the mountains or do safari game drives. In the past years I have come to know all the best places for this.


This is what I want to share with you. A beautiful and diverse view on Dar, amazing mountain hikes and stunning safaris. Join me and my team and you will experience this country like never before!



Hi! I am Peppino.


I am a tour guide and cook with Kizito Tours. 


I was born in Arusha and from a young age on you could find me in the kitchen where my mum was cooking. My dad never liked that, but still I would sneak in and watch what they were doing. On other days I was guiding tourists who came to visit Mount Meru and we took them to the waterfalls. After coming to Dar Es Salaam I did many different jobs, and finally became a cook in a vegetarian restaurant and then a tour guide with Kizito Tours.


I love sharing experiences and stories with tourists and show them around in a way that I would like other people to show me around when I visit their country. I also love nature and love taking people to the beautiful spots our country has to offer. For Kizito Tours I make beautiful vegetarian dishes (and you can put in a special request if you would like to try) but of course we also cook lovely meals with beef, chicken or fish!



Hi! I am Dullah.


I am driving for Kizito Tours and make sure you reach every destination safely.


I am a driver and trained mechanics who was born and grew up in Dar es Salaam. In 2011, after a short stint back in school, I decided to change paths and follow my dream of exploring and hitting the adventure. And that made me a tour guide in some of Tanzania’s National Parks. I did a lot of safari on several parks in Tanzania. It will be an honor to drive, learn, discover and enjoy the nature with you.